Welcome to J5C Marketing, LLC.

Besides marketing, why would I want to use this site?

The trend is to buy local when possible, because it keeps the prices lower, and quality better (usually). But this is also hard because local usually means Mom and Pop stores or farms trying to sell their stuff. Mom and Pops don't usually want to spend a lot for advertising, but need something to get the word out...

Enter J5C Marketing to the rescue...

Everyone needs advertising, but until now advertising was too complicated to get for small businesses. Now everyone can get advertising, if you want to list one business, or even multiple businesses. Maybe you don't have a business but want to have a garage sale, or sell some furniture. Or maybe you want to advertise a school bake sale. This is the place to do it...

What, Where, Why, and How...

Create a simple place to create and list advertising.
Where do you want to advertise? Only to the people it makes sense to right?

Ok, of course but what does this mean and how? J5C Marketing has created a totally new dimension in advertising. You can now advertise only to the people that live in your zip-code, or to people in your city, to people in your county, or to people in your state, or nation, and more... For example: You're in a growing family and you want to sell your kids bunk beds. The beds are too big to mail, so you figure you will just advertize to your zip code. Most likely people are not going to travel 300 miles to get a bunk bed, so advertising to the whole state does not really make any sence.

As a side bonus, I am including content on the sight that you may find interesting.
There are currently several categories, that we plan to add content to every week. And most importantly -- there is a feedback page so you can let us know how we are doing. Also what is different from J5C Marketing, and your local junk mail distributor, is that you can go to the status page and see the (real time) results of your advertising. And the final part that makes J5C Marketing exceptional is that it respects it users. We don't have popups that block you from enjoying the content part. We don't have time delays to slow you down. You can use it from your computer or your phone. So there is nothing causing you to look at the advertising, except knowing that someone close to you is listing their stuff for sale, and you might want it. So check it out, share it with a friend, the more you share, the more you care... The more people we reach the better for everyone. Last things...If you would like to submit feedback, (for registered users only), you can use the feedback form. If we incorporate your feedback we will give 5 credits towards advertising.

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